Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1st Blog May 19, 2009

On the Wild Side begins this experimental blog early evening during late spring when visitors to the lodge are few and days are long and lazy. I feel so completely up-to-date technologically and wonder why I haven't thought to do this before? Until fall arrives you will have to be amused by my adventures in the gardens and kitchen. . .with tidbits from the "field" thrown in for good measure.

The sunflowers are going in the ground today after an April and May which have proven to be some of the wettest in history. This is a really good thing. The wet spring also proved to be a good thing because our new home is complete. . . at least Ron's part is finished. Deep industrial cleaning following Ron's departure from the construction zone and the selection of some nice boxes to sit on is all that is left to be done.

We have 43 goslings by the lodge this year - the most in several seasons. Early mornings are a delight as everything is so green and the babies love to come close to the lodge and munch away.

I'm sure the blog will be infinitely more interesting as we get into the fall. Send me some feedback about what you think - it seems this could be a fun way to send waterfowl updates and pass along daily funnies. Can I keep you amused until September? During the fall and winter I plan to have some guest "bloggers"; for example, Jeff. Perhaps we can teach Ron to blog?