Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SUMMERTIME AT THE HUNT CLUB. . . Hard to believe it is two weeks to opening day. . .

Two summertime photos of note:

Veteran fishermen, take note of how to hold a REALLY big fish - Ted Niemann knew his fish was so big he didn't have to hold it 2 feet out from his body! This fish was 20.5" long, but the absence of a scale can only lead us to speculate what it might have weighed. Nice going, Ted.

Seems like Ron has found a new way to pass the days. Perhaps he is looking for a way to load deer stand locations into the computer? In any event, it is highly unlikely that our undercover photographer will ever see a scene like this again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


To get to THE WILD SIDE lots of work has to be done manipulating the dirt -- on the left, what Ron's big, used, but new machine can accomplish -- on the right, Ron manipulating dirt for better wildlife management -- below shows how big the bucket is!! AND a big Smile from Ron!! This BIG machine has been an added bonus to help water flow for waterfowl season -- get excited!!

Tomorrow: a peek at the Dove Season Menu, a look at our summer party (which most of you missed) Thursday: a look at the Sponsors Dinner for NWTF at The Hunt Club held in July.

Countdown to September 1, 2009

Y'all know what this scene means -- summer will be slowly drawing to a close and cooler weather and fall hunting fun will begin.

Huntchef is beginning to think about menus for opening day and Ron laments nightly that he is behind on everything!

Perhaps Ron would be further along if he didn't play on his new toy -- a REALLY big trackhoe -- every day. Never a shortage of dirt to move around.

The Grand is going on in Sparta this week and once again we have the fun of hosting a really great group of people from all around the country. We enjoy their company and look forward to their arrival each year.