Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gone to the Dogs

Jerry McGee (trainer and handler) and his wife, Ruth are shown above at the International Brittany trial a short while ago. His dog, Rujems Touch of Bourbon, aka Chug A Lug" recently secured his place in history winning the Purina Dog of the Year Award!! Jerry brought Chug to The Hunt Club about 6 years ago, where he promptly earned the nickname "Mud Dog" because he loved to roll, and roll in the mud! Well, just look at Mud Dog now!

The Brittanies are holding a field trial this week at Pyramid and are enjoying evenings at The Hunt Club. Tonight is their Saturday night dinner at the lodge, so I thought a post was in order.
The menu: sauteed portabellos and other mushrooms and pancetta wrapped beef tenderloins. Also, a surprise Valentine's Day dessert. Perhaps the dessert will serve to jog the urge to run out and buy a Valentine??

The beef tenderloins are being served with a bleu cheese sauce instead of the ubiquitous, boring and so predictable horseradish sauce. Happy V Day to all!

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  1. I was there and the meal was outstanding. Unfortunately, I can't have chocolate, so wasn't able to eat the chocolate ganache cake, but it looked and smelled delicious!