Monday, January 4, 2010

In Memory

Santiago and his son, Julian, have been a fixture of The Hunt Club for nearly 7 years now. On Sunday, Santiago's daughter, Julian's sister, Blanca, died of complications from kidney disease. she was only 20 and leaves behind a 3 year old son and a husband, in addition to a very large extended family. Blanca lived in Ciudad Juarez, the border town with Texas that has had so much violence visited upon it by drug cartels in recent years. Probably, had she been in the US, her kidney problem would have been treatable. Julian is beside himself with grief and I spoke with Santiago today, and he is inconsolable.

These 2 guys have been our favorites over the years, and I believe most of you feel the same and understand the hard work from them that adds to the great experience here. Send them a message and I will pass it along to them. I know they will appreciate the sentiment.

Happier news tomorrow.


  1. Santiago and Julian - I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My mother died on December 28, so I am familiar with this grief and know how much the kind thoughts of others can help. You are not alone and I will be thinking of you.

    Maurine Richter
    Illinois Brittany Club

  2. Please express my sympathy to Santiago and Julian. I feel safe in saying the hunting community in Southern Illinois sends theirs as well.