Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day

Check this out! I was trying to photograph the setting sun in the beautiful snowy landscape from the south deck when these ducks flew over close enough to catch them with my crummy camera! How great is that?
Only 1 more day until the end of the goose season, and the word is that the ducks are pouring in by the thousands all afternoon. Once again, photographed from the south deck.

These may look like snows to you, but cross my heart, they are ducks. I probably panned the camera a bit trying to keep them in the lens. If I had any kind of lens at all, we could have gotten a shot of their green heads!

What a pretty end to a perfectly great day. The morning goose hunters had limits of geese. It remains to be seen if all that artillery I heard this afternoon was actually productive. It is a good night for a big pot of -- bouillbase?

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