Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday Duck Update/71 Ducks-4 Geese

It would only make sense that you would be asking yourself why on a day when we slammed the ducks would I post a photo of a stuffed pork loin being seared. The answer to that is the kitchen slave, who also takes the photos, had a complete lapse in completing her duties!

13 hunters shot 71 ducks and 4 geese on Monday. Banner day, right?

And the story of the pork loin? Well I finally figured out how butchers tie a butterflied roast with ONE piece of string. Simply too proud of myself. I just bought Thomas Keller's new cook book, "Ad Hoc", and although I couldn't figure it out from his written instructions, the photo did the trick!

As I am writing this, the area north of the lodge sounds like warfare on ducks. We have 12 hunters today, so I expect, judging from the shooting, that we will have another banner day! Stay tuned.

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