Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weather, Weather, Weather

Hmmm, Ron's new footwear? Or could these be the lucky duck shoes of the chick in the kitchen?
Just like with real estate (location, location, location) with duck hunting, it could be said, it is "weather, weather, weather" and today proved that to be true. In the case of The Hunt Club, it could also be "location, location, location" as well. Jack and his guests along with Murph all harvested limits of mallards. For the record this is the day that a blizzard is humming along the upper midwest dumping large amounts of rain in our part of the world. Looks like tomorrow will be much of the same - only windier. Attention duck hunters!


  1. I really enjoyed the hunt at your club. It was my first time. As a guest of Jack's, my thanks to him. The club house is fantastic and the hospitality even better, not to mention the hunting. It was a joy meeting all the folks and swapping some stories. I really liked the orange boots! They were a hoot! I look forward to the next, maybe as a member.
    Patrick L.Brady 12/10/09

  2. Pat - so glad you enjoyed your visit. That is what we like to hear!